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Phuket, Thailand Diving, 2003 - Present
Dive spots

Fantastic shipwreck that sunk on 04.04.1997. With an overall legnth of 85 meters this wreck offers challenges to divers of all experience levels. Watch out for the countless lionfish.

This site features a large selection of rocky plateaus, where the top part of the reef is covered with amazing sea anenomes. There are many resident clownfish, ghost pipefish, moray eels and more.

Named after the leopard sharks often found resting at the sandy bottom, this site is considered one of SE Asia's best dive spots. It is also home to many lionfish, leopard sharks and some pelagic species.

Just off the beaches of these islands is some of the best diving I have ever encountered. This is the place to see whale sharks, mantas, yellow tailed barracuda and the occasional reef and leopard shark.

The shores along the Phi Phi islands offer a vast spectrum of hard and soft corals, octopus, sea turtles and leopard sharks. The largest of the two islands is Koh Phi Phi Don, made famous by the movie "The Beach."

Koh Dok Mai is a massive limestone island rock formation. Diving along the edge of this rock is both mysterious and dangerous. There are poisonous stonefish camoflauged amongst the pink and grey algae on the rock., as well as beautiful yellow seahorses frollocking behind colorful seafans. However who knows that sealife is hiding in the murky waters just a few feet from you? There is a mix of beauty and danger to be experienced here.

Waterfall Bay features a sandy bottom and fathoms down to about 50 meters. Here the current is mild and you can see stingrays and other sealife hiding from predators in the sand. This spot is also home to stunning yellow trumpet fish and large barracuda.




Bikini Atoll


Truk Lagoon

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